Photo taken by Bruce Guthrie (bguthriephotos.com)

Aviva Kempner

The Birthing of Middle Age Madness

I birthed this website on March 31, 2016.  I chose this date because its the 70th birthday of a dear friend so I won’t have any excuse to forget the date.  Also this friend has been trying to transition me unsuccessfully into the digital age and this website and it’s forthcoming blogs are my screaming rebuttals.  I suffer from a very serious aliment noted by professionals as Middle Age Madness.  Hence the title of this newly launched website with a book in the works, if I ever remember to finish it.

One of the key symptoms of Middle Age Madness, shortened to MAM, is my constant raging about phenomena in popular culture. Instead of letting my MAM thoughts upset anymore my stomach and brain, I will be posting and sending them to you. Feel free to reject my ideas, pass them on or just ignore them.

Since I love and make movies there will be loads of blogging on what films to see, what films to avoid and trends in the movie industry to watch. The first posting is on the Residuals from the Oscars.  I feel that the Oscar ceremony of 2016 will go down in history as a game changer in the industry, whose effects will be felt for decades to come.

Note the photo of me was taken when I was younger, thinner and full of curly hair. Even though that photo was not taken that long ago, I dream of being able to reverse the aging and weight gaining process. But MAM prevails and the closest I could come to changing course is applying for a reverse mortgage.

Have fun reading my blogs and feel free to send them around, if you know how to do that on Facebook and twitter. MAM hinders me the ability to spread on social media very far. And maybe the world is a better place with my restrictions on digital capabilities.

Also check out my writing for other publications under guest blogs. These writings were not inspired by my MAM.

-Aviva Kempner